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New Garden Beds 

  1. Enhanced Aesthetics: New garden beds add instant charm and visual interest to your outdoor environment. Whether you're looking to create a colorful flower garden, a lush vegetable patch, or a serene herb sanctuary, garden beds provide a beautiful focal point that enhances the overall appeal of your landscape.

  2. Optimized Space: Garden beds maximize your outdoor space by utilizing vertical and horizontal dimensions efficiently. This allows you to cultivate a variety of plants, flowers, and vegetables in a compact and organized manner, even in limited yard areas.

  3. Improved Soil Quality: By installing new garden beds, you have the opportunity to enrich and amend the soil, creating an optimal growing environment for your plants. Our expert team will assess your soil composition and recommend amendments to ensure healthy plant growth and productivity.

  4. Weed Control: Garden beds offer better control over weeds compared to traditional ground planting. With proper mulching and maintenance, garden beds help suppress weed growth, minimizing the need for manual weeding and chemical herbicides.

  5. Water Efficiency: Well-designed garden beds promote water efficiency by allowing for targeted irrigation directly to the root zone of plants. This reduces water waste and promotes healthier plant growth while minimizing the risk of overwatering or water runoff.

Pricing estimates:

  • All prep work is $139 per hour

    • Please contact us for details on quoting labor time for your project

  • Wood mulch = $139 per yard delivered and installed

  • Rock mulch/decorative rock = $159 per yard delivered and installed 

  • Sod = $0.84 per sq ft

  • Seed = $0.62 per sq ft+ straw

    • 1 overseed required included in this price. 3 overseeds is normal 

  • Straw bale = $9 dollars  per bale

Contact for detailed pricing

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